These courses have been approved for continuing education credit by the chiropractic licensing board of the state of California. Once you pass the test, your certificate is immediately available via download. We will keep copies for you for 5 years, so no worries - we've got your back!

Course Highlights

Cost $29.00

Credit Hours: 2

  1. Understand the principles of ethics and how they affect you, your patients, society, societal perception of Chiropractic, and the field of Chiropractic.
  2. Understand the laws that guide Medicare, as well as proper billing of Medicare.
  3. Understand the common pitfalls of insurance fraud, so as to prevent going there. It's not always as obvious as one may think.

Course Highlights

Cost  $69.00

Credit Hours: 6

  1. Understand the endocrinological domino trail of stress, what foods will help start the stress response and how you can help the patient reduce the stress response in the body.

  2. Understand what to look for in the History and Physical Exam that will indicate a lifestyle of prolonged stress and adrenal fatigue, as well as which lab tests that will help you discern which stage of adrenal fatigue the patient may be experiencing, including a proper differential diagnoses list.

  3. Understand what health conditions are likely consequences of a lifestyle of prolonged stress and adrenal fatigue, as well as which history and physical exam findings and lab tests will help in a proper diagnosis.

  4. Finally, learn what you can to do help your patient overcome adrenal fatigue and regain their health..

Course Highlights

Cost  $69.00

Credit Hours: 6

  1. Understand the basics of nutrition, including:

    • The different types of fats, which ones to cook with and which ones to avoid, and why.

    • Great sources of plant protein, which foods are highest in each of the amino acids, and how to help your patients eat more plant proteins and fewer animal proteins.

    • Understanding the basics of the vitamins and minerals, including their benefits and food sources.

  2. Understand oxidation, free radicals and the benefits of antioxidants. Easy cut & paste charts of the various antioxidants and phytonutrients in the different colored produce, and which conditions they may help prevent.

  3. Understand pop-culture trends your patients will want to understand, such as the "paleo diet", the "raw food diet", what garcinia cambogia is and what it does to the metabolism, and Monsanto and genetically modified organisms and what they may be doing to our health.

  4. Understand food allergies, how they are tested, and what the different immunoglobulin responses mean in terms of what the allergen is doing to the body.

  5. Understand which cultures live the longest, and what is killing Americans, including the common underlying factor of most illnesses, which is inflammation. Understand the factors and conditions that will influence inflammatory processes, which tests are useful, and a general list of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory foods.

  6. Learn about methylation, why it is important, how you can help this natural process, how you can hinder it, and some leads on some labs that will test for genetic expression of genes that are related to how well the body will perform methylation.